Organic fruit crumpets’ recipe

Have a special breakfast with this yummy organic fruit crumpets' recipe Start with the energy of red fruits! This fluffy crumpets recipe is exquisite not only because they are irresistible for definition, but also because they are the perfect idea for a sweet break. Pamper yourself with these fluffy crumpets with apple and cherry! Preparation time: [...]

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The agricultural revolution is organic farming

Discover the importance of organic agricultural revolution. When we speak of "agricultural revolution" it is clear that we are actually speaking of organic agriculture. The values of organic farming represent the real agcultural revolution. Organic farming is a completely natural process. It takes from nature and gives back to nature. It is a modern way of [...]

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The original and organic Carbonara recipe

Guanciale or bacon, eggs, spaghetti: this is the original and organic carbonara recipe. A breif history of the Carbonara recipe A worldwide-known dish of modern Roman cuisine, the first time the "carbonara" name appeared in Italy was on the “Italian cuisine” magazine, in 1954. Reportedly, the origin of this recipe is still uncertain and includes amazing [...]

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The action strategy of Organicity

Organicity is a cultural project that realizes a promotional plan throughout 36 months, with a proper action strategy. Organicity's action strategy and performance are similar in all targeted countries, but include a combination of activities specifically modulated according to the local contexts. The target of the Organicity project 1) End users, consumers 2) Agribusiness operators: importers, [...]

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