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Since you’re here, you may know that Organicity 2019-2021 is a project co-funded by the European Commission.

The project is 100% dedicated to the promotion of organic food. Therefore, every promotional action is part of a wider plan. The global aim is being in touch with our target countries: USA and Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore.

Moreover, all the actions are designed to spread the best of organic food production. At the same time, there is a deep promotional and marketing-oriented intent. 

Cultural and promotional food marketing

Project promoters gather the best companies which are determined to go abroad. More specifically, we are talking of European producers and processors of organic certified food products. Both project promoters have a long experience in the organic promotion system, providing services to externalisation.

The activities of Organicity mix cultural and promotional intent, always respecting the companies’ identity and the rules requested by the European Commission.

The promotion of every single brand is consequently part of an official framework, that is to say to have the guarantee of the European Commission. To sum up, cooperation is a European keyword, so we proudly cooperate all the time. 

Organicity B2B strategy

organic food promotion

Picture from Biofach 2019

Howewer, B2B is not only activated during the international food fairs

  • EU organic weeks in point of sales and business centres.

An event formula that perfectly fits high-quality supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping malls. In this way, consumers can see and taste the products. With some special exhibitions, we’ll also reach out importers and buyers.

  • Networking dinner

This is a special b2b dinner targeted to the most interesting operators met during the fairs and the promotional activities. Similarly, the main media operators of the countries and food bloggers will be invited, for their relevant role of opinion leaders. In addition, there will be a cooking show with high-quality chefs.

  • Online & offline promotion

This website is only the first step for a complete communication strategy. Social networks will be used to gather interested users and to build a solid brand identity.

The relationship with the media operators will be organized through the press office and press advertisements. This is fundamental step to be in touch with the audience of our target countries.

  • Incoming missions

This is a real b2b connection for European Union producers, considering that incoming missions will be organized during the second and third year. In other words, meetings with sector operators, as buyers, retail purchasing managers, wholesalers, catering managers and importers are foreseen.

The aim of this activity is to follow up the most promising relationships. 

Every action of this promotion strategy is part of a continuous cooperation between the members of Organicity and the project staff. This partnership is made even stronger by being part of an international network.

Our efforts are dedicated to this healthy and tasty world, where chemicals have no space at all.

In conclusion, our B2B promotion is 100% organic, just like the products of our network. 

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