What is an Organic Week

Organic week is a b2c event to taste the Organicity's products in your own country An “Organic week” is a period of 7 days during which a supermarket/shop: hosts the promoted organic products, puts them in the shelves or in a dedicated corner of the shop. promotes them to their customer and organizing some tasting events. [...]

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Why be an Organic Ambassador of the Organicity project

Organicity project is looking for organic ambassadors in each target country! Do you love European organic food? Are you active on several social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube? If you are from: USA Thailand Indonesia Vietnam Singapore You can become an ambassador of the Organicity project! Why you should apply to be our organic ambassador? [...]

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Organic food in Vietnam: why is the ideal country to export

Why Vietnam is the perfect country to start exporting organic food right now. The market of organic food in Vietnam is growing slowly, but constantly. Organic farming in Vietnam already started to develop in the mid 1990s. However, until the late 1990s, the initiative to do organic farming was still very low. The organic area was [...]

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The action strategy of Organicity

Organicity is a cultural project that realizes a promotional plan throughout 36 months, with a proper action strategy. Organicity's action strategy and performance are similar in all targeted countries, but include a combination of activities specifically modulated according to the local contexts. The target of the Organicity project 1) End users, consumers 2) Agribusiness operators: importers, [...]

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