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Consumers’ behavior on organic food in Vietnam

Pro-environmental behavior and organic food consumption in Vietnam This is our analysis about consumers’ habits on organic food in Vietnam. We strongly believe in the promotion of organic food and to do it, he most important factor is the awareness of consumers. A research conducted in 2019 investigates the integrative effects of consumers’ personal factors and [...]

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Why Bangkok could not be Thailand’s capital anymore

Thailand's government is now considering moving the capital from Bangkok Like Indonesia, also Thailand's government is now considering moving the capital from Bangkok to Nakhon Nayok, a province 100km from the capital.⁠ As reported by the Guardian, according to a 2018 study on the world’s worst traffic, Bangkok was ranked eighth, one place behind Jakarta, for [...]

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Stop climate change, choose organic

How intensive agriculture affects climate change The temperature of our planet is raise of 1.53 degrees since preindustrial time. More than 1/4 of our planet depends of the decay produced by the human being. We are living in a new era called Anthropocene. Which is the link between climate change and the use of natural resources? [...]

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Discover the properties of organic buckwheat products

This ancient wheat is 100% naturally gluten free The origin of buckwheat Buckwheat arrived to Europe from Central Asia thanks to the nomad people. Since the beginning, it was an important nutritional source for the population living in the mountains, thanks to its high adaptation to low temperatures. In the northern Italian area called Valtellina buckwheat [...]

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Why organic agriculture is better than conventional one

If you are wondering why organic farming is better, then have a look at our table below. Numerous consumers every day prefer organic products. As a consequence, there are producers, farmers, distributors, importers, restaurateurs who keep working in the organic food market. A lot of people choose everyday to invest some of their time to understand where [...]

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Glyphosate: why organic agriculture is the best choice

A collection of several scientific opinions about the effect of glyphosate on human beings to understand why organic farming is the best option. Source: UN Environment Foresight brief. October 2018 What is glyphosate First of all, glyphosate is an herbicide used to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses and it is applied on the leaves [...]

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