Caprese salad with pesto

The caprese salad is one of the most typical dishes from the culinary tradition of Europe’s Mediterranean area. Tomato and mozzarella are no less than a perfect couple: they fall in love with each other, and you just can’t help loving their romance, too. The caprese salad is one of the most typical dishes from the [...]

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Organic fruit crumpets’ recipe

Have a special breakfast with this yummy organic fruit crumpets' recipe Start with the energy of red fruits! This fluffy crumpets recipe is exquisite not only because they are irresistible for definition, but also because they are the perfect idea for a sweet break. Pamper yourself with these fluffy crumpets with apple and cherry! Preparation time: [...]

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The original and organic Carbonara recipe

Guanciale or bacon, eggs, spaghetti: this is the original and organic carbonara recipe. A breif history of the Carbonara recipe A worldwide-known dish of modern Roman cuisine, the first time the "carbonara" name appeared in Italy was on the “Italian cuisine” magazine, in 1954. Reportedly, the origin of this recipe is still uncertain and includes amazing [...]

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