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The Organicity project is devoted to the values and procedures proper of the European organic certification

We promote European organic products because this means:

  • respect for the environment
  • naturalness
  • information and transparency
  • certification
  • product traceability and authenticity
  • animal welfare

European Commission states that:

“Organic farming is an agricultural method that aims to produce food using natural substances and processes. This means that organic farming tends to have a limited environmental impact as it encourages:

  • a responsible use of energy and natural resources
  • maintenance of biodiversity
  • preservation of regional ecological balances
  • enhancement of soil fertility
  • maintenance of water quality

Additionally, organic farming rules encourage a high standard of animal welfare and require farmers to meet the specific behavioural needs of animals”.

Practicing organic production means also that the use of both GMOs and ionising radiation is prohibited.
The use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides is limited, according to specific percentage.
Regarding livestock production, the legislation doesn’t allow the use of hormones and restricts the use of antibiotics and only when necessary for animal health.

European Union regulates every aspects of organic production, distribution and marketing with a dedicated legislation.

  • Which products can be produced organically and how they are produced
  • Organic certification, conversion and inspection process
  • How to import organic goods into the EU

Organic certification
The European organic logo

The logo makes it easier for the consumers to identify organic products and helps farmers to market them across the entirety of the EU. This European organic leaf can only be used on products certified by an authorised body, when they contain at least 95% of organic ingredients and additionally respect further strict conditions for the remaining 5%.

If you are a producer, do you know the rules on how to display the logo on your product packaging? To know more on the new organic legislation that will be valid as of 2021,

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In order to know all the details regarding the European Organic certification, visit the official website of the European Commission