Taste this delicious recipe with organic ingredients

organic chocolate souffle

If you have to name the first thing sweet that came to your mind, usually chocolate is our first thought. Organic dark chocolate is the best choice to create a dessert that everyone will love.

Make it special selecting only organic ingredients and the special raw chocolate from our network.

Get ready for this delicious sweet recipe with a creamy heart.

Time to prepare: 20 minutes

Ingredients for 9 soufflè:

  •      Organic dark chocolate 70% – 160 gr
  •      Cane sugar – 100 gr
  •      Butter – 160 gr
  •      Eggs – 3
  •      Flour – 40 gr
  •      Organic red fruits jam

Suggested music: Afrofunk

Preparation of the organic chocolate soufflé with liquid filling

Prepare a water bath to melt chocolate, sugar and butter.

Take a metal bowl and then place it on the top of a pot with boiling water, when everything melts, add eggs and mix. These ingredients will create a special liquid heart.

At the end, add flour and combine with the mass.

Pour the mass into the molds, preferably aluminum ones, and bake them at 200 C for 10 minutes.

You can serve the soufflé with your favorite add-ons, directly after baking; alternatively, cool in the refrigerator and heat up just before serving so that the center becomes liquid.

Choose your favourite fruit jam to complete your sufflè.
A sugar free organic red and fruits jam will be the perfect companion to balance the bitter taste of the dark chocolate.

You are ready to taste this creamy and delicious dessert with the ones you love