The importance of sustainable packaging

The idea behind buying Organic products is that they are overall better for the planet. This is because they do not use pesticides in farming methods and production, GMOs, antibiotics, toxic chemicals and have an overall general interest in maintaining the soil healthy whilst protecting animals as well.

The mission for a ‘Greener Economy’ which often goes hand in hand with buying Organic products, can also be seen in the packaging they tend to use. We often see glass jars, recyclable plastics, recyclable cardboard, materials made from vegetable sources, cork, recyclable tins, cans, etc

The attention to the packaging used in producing Organic products is another factor we should consider when choosing whether to buy Organic or not. The fact is, there is a lot of waste created from what we buy at the supermarket on a weekly basis. In 2019, packaging waste generated was estimated at 178.1 kg per inhabitant in the EU only.[1]

Another factor in buying recyclable packaging is to combat climate change. It has been proven that plastics contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions and climate change due to wastage, lack of biodegradation, and the use of incineration procedures that emit toxic gases into the hemisphere.[2]

Moreover, younger consumers who went through the Greta Thunberg awareness effect, like Millennials, are pushing brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible. It’s clear that the term ‘eco-friendly packaging’ has not just become a necessity, but also something consumers are on the lookout for and ever trendier.

British marketplaces are being built around eliminating single-use plastics, whereas 36% of Italians prefer to buy eco-friendly products.[3] Interestingly, 47% of Americans would be willing to pay 25% more for sustainable products.[4]

In view of these changes in attitude, and an increase in the overall global purchase of Organic products, brands that operate in the Organic industry have it in their best interest to produce and promote environmentally friendly packaging. We are moving towards an era where the main theme will be combating Climate Change so the industries which can confront this theme head-on and adapt accordingly, will have an advantage.

On the other hand, consumers willing to invest that extra dollar in Organic produce which has been packaged with recyclable material will be contributing to a greener society and who knows, they may even be able to reutilize that packaging themselves at home.





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