Make every dish special by choosing the best tomato product

If you keep wondering which is the best tomato product for every recipe, this is the right place.

Cooking a perfect dish of pasta with sauce is not difficult. It just requires passion, dedication, and few high quality ingredients. Organic ingredients are especially better for you and for the environment.

This is why we are going to analyse different products to help you to choose the best one according to the kind of recipe and the time you want to spend in the kitchen. 

Peeled tomatoes

This is the first step for those who want to feel an intense taste of tomato. A can of peeled tomatoes contains pulpy peeled tomatoes covered with a creamy tomato sauce. They are parboiled so it is required more time to cook the product until you obtain the ideal consistence for the kind of topping of the dish you want to prepare.

Ideal for pasta, you need to cook the peeled tomatoes for at least 20 minutes.


The tomato pulp is prepared with peeled tomatoes that are parboiled. After that, the pulp is boiled in sterilized tin in order to last longer and be packed and sold as the typical canned tomato.

The texture of this kind of product is characterised by a bright red colour, with the smell and the freshness of freshly harvested tomatoes.

Ideal use: pasta.

Puree (passata) Classic and Rustica

The puree is called “passata” in italian. The tomatoes are picked at their ripest state, parboiled and passed through a sieve with large holes.

The main difference with other products regards the consistency that is thick with a dense texture. The classic recipe of tomato puree is creamy, with a deeper flavour than sauce.

Ideal use: pizza, pasta and other strong flavoured dishes like parmigiana and meatballs.

Tomato paste

The paste is a super-concentrated tomato sauce, usually contained in a tube packaging.

It is obtained by cooking tomatoes for several hours. In this way, the final product is really thick because the presence of water content is reduced. The flavour is strong with a bright red colour, made from naturally ripen tomatoes.

Ideal use: recipes that do not require too much sauce like fish dishes or soup.

No time to cook? Choose a ready to go sauce.

Here some examples of the most typical products, usually connected to the italian tradition.

  • traditional sauce
  • bolognese sauce
  • arrabbiata sauce
  • basil / garlic
  • puttanesca
  • ricotta sauce

Some companies recently introduce “fusion products” able to mix the tradition of the Mediterranean area, with the typical ingredient from the Asian cuisine. Some examples of the organic sauce you can find nowadays:

  • seitan amatriciana sauce
  • soy and tomato sauce
  • tofu sauce


Ketchup it is not a very typical Mediterranean product, but it is still one of the most used ready to go tomato sauce in the world.

Every bottle of organic ketchup contain 600gr of tomato for every 100gr of product. The organic ketchup from the Organicity’s brands network contains no colour additives and no artificial flavourings.

Did you understand how to choose the best product for your recipes?


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