Organicity project is looking for organic ambassadors in each target country!

organic ambassador

Do you love European organic food?

Are you active on several social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube?

If you are from:

  • USA
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore

Become an ambassador of the Organicity project!

Why you should apply to be our organic ambassador?

  • to taste some of the best organic certified products from our selection of brands
  • to have new contents for you social network
  • to be an official collaborator of a European project, co-funded by the European Commission.
organic ambassador

How to become an organic ambassador

  • browse our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
  • share a post about the Organicity project
  • e-mail us at to share your post and something about you and your passion for organic farming and European food products in a few words
  • wait for our e-mail
  • keep ypur fingers crossed.

The selection will be concluded within the end of October 2019.

We will select only one ambassador for each target country: USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia.

If you are selected as Country Ambassador, you’ll receive a complete Organicity package full of

  • European organic products provided by our brands network 
  • All the printed materials of the project

The organic ambassadors will be official collaborators of the project.

So, they need to be freelance with regular VAT number.

If you do not have a VAT number, you can still apply as volunteer.

What an organic ambassador is required to do?

  • Be familiar with the European Organic certification process and our materials.
  • Invite all your followers and friends to like/follow our social profiles.
  • Share at least one post/story a week about our project and products on your platforms.
  • Share our contents with your audience.
  • Share any kind of ideas!

This is not a big influencer research.

Organicity is a simple project, and we would like our ambassadors to be easygoing people (that does not mean working for free).

The purpose is to spread the message about organic farming and the European organic logo by giving information about the products.

You could represent the project until 2021 and be the leader of your country audience, by helping us sharing knowledge and information about European organic certified food. 

What are you waiting for?

Contact us and apply to be an organic ambassador!

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