Why organic dairy is better

Organic dairy is better because it comes from organic livestock. These means have respecting animal welfare without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, and pesticide residues in every product. Thanks to the research of the Organic Trade Center, we can say that organic milk has higher levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Because antibiotics are [...]

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Organic Food Market in Southeast Asia

The characteristics of the organic food market in South East Asia and the opportunities for European organic producers. Southeast Asia is today a good area to make business and to export food products. The countries of this area are different but present similar characteristics in terms of consumers’ consumption. Asia has the third-largest market for organic [...]

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Roast beef with wine sauce and veggies

Meat and vegetables meet up in an all-time classic of the European culinary tradition: Roast beef.  Try our roast beef with wine sauces and veggies made with organic ingredients Here’s Mr. Roast beef’s organic version, with a mix of stir-fried organic vegetables and a wine-based Chokeberry sauce to make it no less than unforgettable. The union [...]

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Why organic farming is part of the solution to the Covid-19 crisis

COVID-19 crisis is connected to the environment and organic farming is part of the solution of this pandemic emergency. To find the solution to the Covid-19 crisis it is necessary to get back to the origin. The emergency of SARS Covid-19 we are facing in 2020 is extraordinarily strong for its capacity to affect the private [...]

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Organic chocolate soufflé with liquid filling

Taste this delicious recipe with organic ingredients If you have to name the first thing sweet that came to your mind, usually chocolate is our first thought. Organic dark chocolate is the best choice to create a dessert that everyone will love. Make it special selecting only organic ingredients and the special raw chocolate from our [...]

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Natural Products Expo West 2020 has been postponed

The last minute decision is caused by the global health issue of COVID-19 Natural Products Expo West planned in March 2020 is officially postponed, with the intention to announce, by mid-April, a new date. Fred Linder, Group President of New Hope Network, said: “As with all our events, it was the intention here at Expo West [...]

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10 reasons to join Organicity as a European organic brand

Discover the reasons to promote the organic products of your company with Organicity Here's a list of ten reasons why your organic certified European company should join the Organicity project. All inclusive exhibitions. Booth design, badges, contacts: we take care of everything. Cozy booth at an affordable price.  b2b network contacts shared among all the companies [...]

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The Organicity app is online

Have fun with the matching game, vote the organic products and fill the survey with just one App! The app of the Organicity project is designed to: learn more about the organic sector with a matching game; connect to the database of our organic products and vote them during tasting events; the possibility to fill in [...]

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