In 2020, global sales of organic foods amounted to just about 121 billion U.S. dollars and North America alone was responsible for the largest share of retail sales.

Fostered by a desire to look after one’s personal health whilst helping protect the environment, the USA has witnessed a steady growth in the sale of Organic products since 2000.  In 2021, organic food sales in the United States generated approximately 57.5 billion U.S. dollars. Yogurt and meat were at the forefront of products being purchased.

A recent study shows that around 75% of Americans buy at least a segment of organic products. Individual spending is increasing as well. In 2021, the per capita spending on organic packaged food and beverages was just over 70 U.S. dollars per person, almost 20 dollars more than in 2017.
By 2025, the consumption value of organic beverages should amount to 2.8 billion dollars. Moreover, organic packaged food is increasing in demand with a forecast consumption value for 2025 exceeding 25 billion U.S. dollars.

The percentage of EU Organic products being consumed versus homegrown US products is still difficult to determine, with the latter obviously retaining most sales. However, an interest in high-end gourmet products including clean label ones, and an interest in continental cooking and ingredients means this sector will also see a rise in consumption. A testament to this was the keenness shown towards EU organic products during the Fancy Foods exhibition held in NY this year, and the Organicity Project is just one of the many initiatives that aim to help promote this mission even further.

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