Have fun with the matching game, vote the organic products and fill the survey with just one App!

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The app of the Organicity project is designed to:

  • learn more about the organic sector with a matching game;
  • connect to the database of our organic products and vote them during tasting events;
  • the possibility to fill in the survey .

This is why the app is formed by three sections to fulfill different objectives.

Have fun with the Matching Game

Do you have a good memory and an eagle eye?

Just turn the cards around, couple them as fast as you can and learn more about our products with our matching game.

Be one of our testers!

The testers’ database is an interactive platform which is available both on web and mobile app through the App. 

The App gives the users the possibility to rate the quality of products according to specific parameters. 

In this way, the app will include information both for consumers and importers.

The objective of the Organicity app is to create a tool that gives information about the products in a simple and quick way.

In every product’s page it is possible to have information about the origin of the products, the ingredients, their combination with other products.

Click here to register to the database and be an Organicity’s tester

Organicity app for importers

Importers can use the app to easily have information about the origin of the products and the producer company.

The app can be used by both operators, in order to get in touch with the producers, and consumers, who’ll be able to know where the shops in which the products are available are.

In the future, the range of prices will be shared and the consumers will know where it is possible to buy the products of the Organicity project.

You can download the app on:

Play Store 


App Store

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