Organicity is a cultural project that realizes a promotional plan throughout 36 months, with a proper action strategy.

action strategy of organicity project

Organicity’s action strategy and performance are similar in all targeted countries, but include a combination of activities specifically modulated according to the local contexts.

The target of the Organicity project

1) End users, consumers
2) Agribusiness operators: importers, suppliers, restaurateurs
3) Mass media (reporters, bloggers, opinion leaders)
4) Stakeholders (ICE, Chambers of Commerce, embassies, consumer associations etc.,)

The definition of an effective action strategy cannot be separated from the identification of the appropriate market segments. Therefore, the present strategy takes into account the analysis of the contexts of the different target countries and the different target audiences.

Eu organic logo label

The EU organic label that identifies certified products

In fact, the first step in the definition of the strategy has been the identification of the critical issues that today undermine the recognition of a quality organic product in the target markets, due essentially to insufficient information on the characteristics of organic farming and products, their certification procedures, as well as the nature and use of the EU organic logo.

Starting from this preventive analysis, the action strategy aims at carrying out targeted information campaigns/training/ promotions to fill these knowledge gaps and at creating greater awareness among operators in the industry and a higher propensity to buy Community products by consumers in the target markets.

The covered topics of the overall action strategy are:

  • The intrinsic quality of organic products and their organoleptic properties
  • Control, food safety and quality
  • Production rules, control systems and certification procedures
  • Labeling, including the use of the EU logo and the term “organic”
  • Protection of the environment through the responsible and ethical production and processing of products
  • Representation of the EU organic products on international markets
  • Description of production supply chains

the following are the main aspects of the action strategy regarding organic products:

  • Quality
  • Food safety
  • Specific processing method
  • Nutritional aspects
  • Labeling
  • Environmental protection

Thus, Organicity follows a cultural intent by sharing the main EU message within an overall action strategy.

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