Organic week is a b2c event to taste the Organicity’s products in your own country

organic week organicity

An “Organic week” is a period of 7 days during which a supermarket/shop:

  • hosts the promoted organic products,
  • puts them in the shelves or in a dedicated corner of the shop.
  • promotes them to their customer and organizing some tasting events.

During the organic week, some hostesses will promote the products supported by Organicity’s staff, explaining them to the consumers and offering some tasting.

Therefore, the products will reach the consumers, which will become confident with the products and their prices.

The awareness weeks will also be useful for the operators in the target countries, in order to understand the first feedback of the customers, their taste and which products receive the best feedback.

organic week organicity

Moreover, the organic week activity guarantees the visibility and the identifiability of EU logo, that plays an important role in the campaign.

Some organic experts will follow the first days of the awareness weeks in order to support the organization, to train the hostess and to promote the products to the owners and customers.

During the organic week a questionnaire will be proposed to all the customers, in order to understand their opinion about the products promoted and tasted.

Organic week is:

  • the perfect opportunity to develop marketing relationships by raising awareness of European certification values;
  • a true b2c event an event dedicated to developing the relationship with the most interesting operators met during the exhibitions and to help our network grow;
  • it is the ideal moment to connect with the local consumers who are already interested in organic products.
  • it is also useful to meet with journalists and media partners.

Have a look at our events to know when the next organic week will be held.

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