Are organic products better for us? We reply to this question
with the help of scientific studies

Spoiler: yes, organic products are better both for their nutritional qualities and the environment.

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organic products are better

Organic products are better for the environment

In France, decree 665/2012 includes Parkinson’s syndrome among agriculture professional diseases. In particular, the decision was based on research that showed how pesticides increase the risk to contract this pathology.

Additionally, the study «Environmental Impact of different agricultural management practices: conventional versus organic agriculture», published in the journal «Critical reviews in plant sciences»[2] shows the positive effects of organic farming.

Therefore, the research also shows how the organic crops present higher biodiversity both vegetal and faunal compared to the land cultivated with conventional systems.

Consequently, organic crops have a higher capacity to retain water with a better performance during the climatic conditions of rain lack and a better capacity to keep CO2 compared to the conventional ones.

Most importantly, these elements are fundamental for the environment, especially now that climate change and all the global environmental issues are again “hot topics” for the civil society.

Organic farming is again just part of the long-term solution we need to improve our life.

Don’t you think?

organic product are better

Organic products are better because they have better nutritional qualities

The organic products are chemicals free and have at the same time a higher quality than the conventional ones.

This statement is the result of the project “Bioquality – the nutritional and organoleptic quality of organic products”[1] that helps to confirm that organic products are better than the conventional ones.

In particular, scientists analyze several articles published in scientific journals from 2005 to 2011 dedicated to a comparison between the nutritional qualities of organic products and the conventional ones.

In other words, the research highlights that organic products contain a higher number of vitamins, antioxidants, and other wholesome characteristics.
For example, organic fruit has more Vitamin C and the organic berries have more phenolics elements than the conventional ones.

Vegetables have a higher concentration of carotenoids; the milk obtained from organic livestock and all its derived dairy products is richer in polyunsaturated fat acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This is interesting because

these substances help to prevent several diseases like hearth ones.

are organic products really better

Organic products are better, not a medicine

However, it does not mean that eating organic products heals. Food is not a substitute for medicine. It rather means that eating organic food is a sort of daily medicine for our bodies and our mind because it avoids the use of chemicals substances.

Therefore, the results of the project Bioquality show that in many cases organic products are better for their nutritional aspects.
Although there a lot of technical consideration, in this sense, we can confirm that a lot of consumers every day worldwide make the right choice because they think that organic products are better.

So, based on this study and other similar research, we can clearly say that organic products are better because:

  • they are often nutritionally superior to the conventional ones;
  • they are better anyway because they contain only natural substances starting from the cropping system use.

Consequently, this superiority means that they contain a bigger quantity of nutritional elements that have a positive effect to keep us healthy.

Eating organic is a good habit that keeps us stronger.

Every good habit helps us to prevent some diseases not to heal them.

[1] realized by the Research and experimentation in agriculture with the sustain of the Italian Agriculture Ministry

[2] «Enviromental Impact of different agricultural management practices: conventional versus organic agriculture», published on the journal «Critical reviews in plant sciences», realizzato dai ricercatori guidati dal professor Maurizio Paoletti del Dipartimento di Biologia dell’Università di Padova in collaborazione con l’Università di Cornell, Usa.


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  • Bioquality – the nutritional and organoleptic quality of organic products
  • 📷credit: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
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