September 23rd European Organic Day

Coinciding with the autumn equinox, the European Organic Day taking place each year on the 23rd of September, was launched by the EU Commission on the 25th of March 2021, as part of the Action Plan for the development of organic production, and as a way to celebrate the organic sector throughout the world.

Through a series of specific initiatives which any organization may sign up for, the EU can also evaluate and promote the goal of achieving 25% of organic land by 2030. 

Thanks to the European Parliament, the Commission, and the Council of the European Union, this day is an occasion to assess trends in consumer demands, continue raising awareness of organic goods in the supply chain, and finally, define new targets for the future of the organic industry in Europe as a whole.   

One of the main aims is to help reach the objectives of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies. As European Organic Organizations are on the rise, this day represents a way to come together, foster awareness, and stimulate new projects. Together with the EU Organic Awards, the EU Organic Day is a reason to celebrate and remember the importance of sustainable production and farming methods.

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