Organicity approaches the USA

After a break due to the global pandemic, the Organicity Project restarts by taking part in the major Trade Fairs. An opportunity to promote ORGANIC products, in this case in the USA, and a meeting place for professionals and not only.

  • Organicity’s mission is to raise awareness of European Organic Certified products in the USA and in Southeast Asian markets, and on this occasion, it was possible to promote a series of European excellencies in the rich booth at Expowest 2022, including tastings, exhibitors, and targeted meetings.

A substantial assortment was showcased that goes from the Sicilian preserves to enrich pasta dishes and bread at the table with flavor, to the organic condiments of special Extra Virgin Olive oil, a delight to taste and a healthy choice when dressing your salad or to use when cooking. Very popular at the moment, were also a series of eclectic organically produced soft drinks, an homage to the Italian ‘Aperitivo’, great for a pre-dinner social gathering or to offer to friends and family. Historical organic grains were on display, great for making bread or desserts by following natural recipes, as well as a series of healthy snacks, and let’s not forget the high-end pastas which will give you a taste of Italy wherever you are. To top it all off, a selection of Organic delights.

The fair was a meeting point for both companies and the Organicity project in its entirety, a way to disseminate the importance of European “BIO” certification and raise awareness of the quality of organic certified products.

Organicity will soon be present at other fairs to raise awareness of European organic products and promote its project and partners, so we hope to see you soon!

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