Consumer Trends are Shifting in Asia

At the moment, the USA still dominates the Organic food market with Europe coming in second place. However, changing trends in the Asian economy and consumer habits have seen a shift towards healthier eating habits.

The need for ready-made foods in South East Asia has made consumers turn to searching out snacks, that are both healthy and high in protein. Also a rising interest in anti aging diets has led many to expand their eating habits towards healthier and safer foods.

This has driven countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore to expand their selection of Organic produce in chain supermarkets and experiment with new recipes in restaurants and trade fairs. 

Another key factor is generational, the younger generations such as Millennials and generation Z are very keen on safeguarding the planet, cultivating an interest in buying products which have been produced sustainably and may combat climate change.

It has also become ‘trendy’ to buy Organic produce, with influencers and bloggers from around the world promoting Organic diets and an Organic lifestyle, tied to environmental issues and a general attention towards protecting the planet’s agriculture and wildlife.

Participating in various fairs across Southeast Asia, the Organicity Project has witnessed a keen interest from Asian importers and exporters who have tried, tasted and selected many new European Organically Certified products aiming to promote them in Asian markets.

As the years to come unfold, we shall have to see if this continues to gain momentum or if it is a passing trend. It goes without saying, that due to Covid-19 consumers all over the globe will be interested in taking care of their overall wellbeing and buying Organic can be a responsible choice for many.

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