This ancient wheat is 100% naturally gluten free

buckwheat organic properties

The origin of buckwheat

Buckwheat arrived to Europe from Central Asia thanks to the nomad people.

Since the beginning, it was an important nutritional source for the population living in the mountains, thanks to its high adaptation to low temperatures.

In the northern Italian area called Valtellina buckwheat is cultivated since the XVI century, when it soon became a very important element of the local diet.

This is why a lot of traditional recipes from Valtellina’s tradition contain buckwheat as main ingredient.

You can find flours, snacks and example of traditional pasta from the Valtellina region, like the Pizzoccheri.

Buckwheat is ideal with cheese, fish or meat. It is very tasty with vegetables too, but it will surprise you as an ingredient for desserts.

Consequently, it gives a special taste to several salty or sweet recipes.

buckwheat organic properties

Buckwheat’s properties and nutritional value


  • naturally 100% gluten free
  • wholesome and highly digestive because it is mostly formed by starch
  • full of minerals: steel, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, tin, silicon acid
  • good for every kind of diet: baby and infant food, gluten free diet, vegan

Additionally, buckwheat it is good for the bone development: lysine is an amminoacid essential for bone development, which buckwheat contains in triple quantity, compared with the ordinary wheat.

100gr of this ancient wheat contain 365 kcal that is even to 1.496 kJ/6 BE.

All the products from the Organicity network are produced without the use of allergens.

Obviously, they are 100% organic: that means they come from a safe and step by step controlled farm-to-fork process.

Plus, they have no GMO ingredient,s according to the European regulation.

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