Discover all the properties of chokeberry fruit and why NFC juices are better

properties of chokeberry juices

What are the main properties of chokeberry

The chokeberry fruit is also called Aronia and Poland is the biggest world producer of Chokeberry in the world.

This European country produces 90% of world production with almost 60 000 tons of fruit every year and 90% of this production is exported.

In fact, thanks to the properties of chokeberry that in Poland is often called “black treasure”.

Black fruits like chokeberry and black current have proven to be one of nature’s most powerful natural antioxidants.

Some assume that they are one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

The anthocyanins enclosed in fruits protect the human body again serious diseases, maintain correct blood pressure, prevent developing of arteriosclerosis (anti-cholesterol effect), minimizing the risk of cancer, retarding aging processes, preventing diabetes and helping cure it.

properties of chokeberry juices

NFC juices are better

NFC stands for ‘Not From Concentrate’, and aims to use the least amount of processing to conserve as much of the original character of the raw fruit as possible, with only the pulp, skin and seeds being removed.

NFC juices are not made of concentrate. It means that you drink juice squeezed directly from top-quality fruit from ecological plantations.

There is no added sugar, water, or any concentrates. This means that if you choose an organic NFC juice this you have the highest quality of juices ever, made by squeezing whole fruits – all healthy fruit components go into the juice.

Benefits and properties of chokeberry juices

If you still don’t believe in the benefit of chokeberry, here’s a list to sum up why you should look for an organic chokeberry juice to try a new and healthy product.

  • slows down the aging process
  • has ant-oxidation properties
  • protects against cancerous diseases
  • improves memory
  • protects against sclerosis
  • reduces blood pressure
  • improves the condition of sight

Sources and 📷Credit: Korab Garden 

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