Special  Organic Chocolate Mousse


Dark chocolate mousse is a pure delight for the palate. Great to impress friends and family after dinner it also includes nutritive properties which are intrinsic to dark chocolate above 70%. Easy to prepare and usually enjoyed by all, you just can’t go wrong with this dessert. 


  • Dark chocolate 70% 200g
  • Fresh liquid cream 550g
  • Yolks (about 10) 160g
  • Whole milk 100g
  • Acacia honey 20g


  • First chop the dark chocolate and transfer it to a bowl. In a non-stick pan pour the egg yolks and honey then the milk and mix.
  • In the non-stick pan, turn on the heat and stir constantly with a soft whisk. The cooking will be very fast, you will have to reach 82 °. We advise you to use a kitchen thermometer because it is very important to reach the exact temperature. As soon as it is cooked, pour in the chocolate, and mix with a whisk, until the chocolate is completely melted. The cream should be shiny. At this point, knead the cream with an immersion mixer until it is smooth. 
  • Now quickly whip the cream, it should not be stiff, but very soft. Add a little inside the chocolate cream and mix with a whisk to unify the density of the chocolate. 
  • Add the remaining cream twice, stirring vigorously and making rotational movements from bottom to top. The chocolate mousse is now ready, you can transfer it inside the cups and decorate it, otherwise keep it in the refrigerator until ready to use. 

Store in the fridge for 8 hours then let it set for half an hour at room temperature before serving in small bowls. Add orange zest and mint on top to decorate!!

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