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Shopping Organically is on the rise Consumers who buy organic food are on the rise globally and especially in the U.S market[1], where the trend is growing. From buying natural or non-GMO goods there has been a clear shift to Organically Certified products. The reasons consumers choose to buy organic are diverse, from a higher quality [...]

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Mulching: the 100% natural technique used in organic farming

Mulching is the best method to avoid spending hours removing weeds by hand As we know, in organic agriculture it’s not possible to use chemical herbicide so this is why there are several techiniques to reproduce what nature normally does. Mulching is based on a simple concept: the soil all around the plant is covered, in [...]

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The agricultural revolution is organic farming

Discover the importance of organic agricultural revolution. When we speak of "agricultural revolution" it is clear that we are actually speaking of organic agriculture. The values of organic farming represent the real agcultural revolution. Organic farming is a completely natural process. It takes from nature and gives back to nature. It is a modern way of [...]

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Glyphosate: why organic agriculture is the best choice

A collection of several scientific opinions about the effect of glyphosate on human beings to understand why organic farming is the best option. Source: UN Environment Foresight brief. October 2018 What is glyphosate First of all, glyphosate is an herbicide used to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses and it is applied on the leaves [...]

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